Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Review for The Interrogator

Thought I'd share a new review for my first book The Interrogator -

The Interrogator builds a terrifying realism, displaying all the elements of the classic military thriller - a lot of blood and gore, mysterious and reprehensible undertakings, action aplenty, a touch of romance, intrigue, conspiracy, sexual tension, trickery and betrayal, which ultimately leads to a battle royal between good and evil.

Essential and fundamental elements, from the very beginning to the very end, underpin this military thriller. The ability of the central character to absorb limitless physical pummelling and just get up and get on with it is an unspoken given in the military thriller genre. An assortment of conspiracies make the stakes constantly high proving that the biggest enemy is often a lot closer than you may realise. The one man against the entire conspiracy concept gives you your lone wolf, as with all thrillers.

The main character, Jay, has a dark past and a tortured soul; he is also the keeper of secrets which are kept very well throughout the novel.

Debut author JJ Cooper is a former member of the Australian Army Intelligence Corps, which creates a very authentic feel to the characters and situations in his novel.

Cooper keeps the stakes high by creating many twists and turns and the reader must be able to keep up with each of them to keep track of what is going on. Cooper really does know his subject matter, from body language through to specific phrases and how his characters react under interrogation and this really helps to build a credible plot.