Tuesday, 23 October 2007

By Way of Introduction

Why Blog? Not sure really - don't totally understand what it's all about. Sounded like a good idea though. Another goal that I wanted to achieve along the way to finishing my first novel.

So I suppose that's what I should make this blog all about (to start with anyway).

About a year ago I finished seventeen years of service with the Army, the last seven as a military Interrogator. I figured I needed an outlet or a type of 'bridge' to transfer into civilian life and I found writing is something that I've always enjoyed. I started my WIP 'Interrogated' and joined a writers forum (Absolute Write). The forum really has changed my whole style and appreciation of the writing art and now, seven months later, I am 60 000 words into my thriller. What a journey to date. I've always been a type of perfectionist when it comes to finishing a task. And I find myself continually editing my work as I go. It really has helped me discover the story and improve the WIP (IMO).

Anyway if I keep telling you about myself now I'll have nothing left to blog about later, besides I have come up with another sub-plot that needs to be added.