Tuesday, 23 October 2007

By Way of Introduction

Why Blog? Not sure really - don't totally understand what it's all about. Sounded like a good idea though. Another goal that I wanted to achieve along the way to finishing my first novel.

So I suppose that's what I should make this blog all about (to start with anyway).

About a year ago I finished seventeen years of service with the Army, the last seven as a military Interrogator. I figured I needed an outlet or a type of 'bridge' to transfer into civilian life and I found writing is something that I've always enjoyed. I started my WIP 'Interrogated' and joined a writers forum (Absolute Write). The forum really has changed my whole style and appreciation of the writing art and now, seven months later, I am 60 000 words into my thriller. What a journey to date. I've always been a type of perfectionist when it comes to finishing a task. And I find myself continually editing my work as I go. It really has helped me discover the story and improve the WIP (IMO).

Anyway if I keep telling you about myself now I'll have nothing left to blog about later, besides I have come up with another sub-plot that needs to be added.



Virginia Lee said...

Welcome to the madness, JJ. How appropriate that you are beginning so close to Halloween...


JJ Cooper said...

Thanks for the welcome, Virginia. Halloween hey - didn't even realise. Maybe I should have put up a scarier picture.


Tina said...

Good deal JJ. Look forward to reading your blog throughout the future.

Another AW nut,

JJ Cooper said...

Hi Tina,

Thanks for dropping by. I've gotta check my own blog more often. I think I'm supposed to add extra detail every now and then. LOL. I'm into the last few chapters of my book so I have been madly at it - even cut down on the AW surfing. But I'll try to add something useful here soon.