Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Taking the Tip

I'm taking the tip from the fabulous Kristin Nelson as mentioned in her pubrants Blog. Mum's the word when it comes to mentioning anything about my novel or the process involved whilst on submission.

Why would one want to take a risk at their publishing future by letting something slip. So, I'll have to keep blogging about something else until we have an outcome for The Interrogator.



Authoress said...

Thanks again for the link JJ.

And I concur. On my "real, non-anonymous" blog, I never discuss the who's-and-what's of what's going on behind the scenes with my writing pursuits.

All the best to you.

And is that your child in the photo? She's beautiful. :)

JJ Cooper said...

Hi authoress,

That's me and my oldest Son a couple of year ago. Now I have two boys I may have one or two more visible wrinkles.