Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Nothing To Lose by Lee Child

I finally got my hands on Nothing To Lose by Lee Child. And now I give myself a lttle kick for waiting so long. I justified not rushing out to buy it this time by concentrating on my WIP. But, I just had to put it aside and dive into the latest book by my favorite thriller writer.

At the speed of a thousand startled Gazelles I ploughed through Nothing To Lose. As usual, I just couldn't put down the page-turning adventures of Jack Reacher. I don't want to give away any spoliers, but I just want to add that I enjoyed the couple of slight 'flaws' creeping in for the main character.

I'm a big fan of Mr Child's style of writing, in particular when his books are written in the third person point of view.

Another great read.


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AmandaLyn said...

okay, now I've added another book to the 'gotta read' list!! That darn thing just keeps getting longer and longer. Thanks, JJ.