Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Couple of Very Cool Blurbs

'With a rip-roaring plot that bursts from the gate and never lets up, a tough-as-nails hero in Jay Ryan, and an insider's knowledge of military intrigue. JJ Cooper is going to have some of the big guns looking over their shoulders with this fire cracker debut. THE INTERROGATOR has everything a fan of military thrillers could want - heart-pounding action, chillingly real detail, and a stunning conclusion that will leave them wanting more from JJ Cooper.
Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of DIE FOR YOU.

'JJ Cooper's The Interrogator is an absolute cracker of an action thriller, a pulse-pounding journey into the darkest corners of international espionage and politics in the company of the utterly compelling Jay Ryan. Prepare to stay awake all night reading it, and all the next wondering how much might be true.'

Jeremy Duns, author of FREE AGENT.



Mik said...

Looking forward to this, looks good. I enjoyed Andy McNab's book and Chris Ryan's to a slightly lesser degree. Enjoy books by guys that have done it and been there and know what they are talking about.

Amy Andrews said...

Wow! Fabulous stuff.
Are you still pinching yourself?

JJ Cooper said...

Thank you Mik and Amy.

Still pinching myself, Amy. Even more so with the latest two quotes from Lee Child and Jeff Abbott.


Ray said...

Awesome. I absolutely love the cover. I tried to look for it but it's not available in the US.... :(