Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Thriller Information

Deadly Trust is my latest thriller and will be released in August 2010.

Former army interrogator Jay Ryan is enjoying the quiet life after leaving the military far behind - or so he thinks. Because old habits die hard and he's quickly thrust back into the thick of things when a disgruntled scientist, backed by the Australian security industry, develops a weapon of mass destruction - a hybrid strain of Anthrax - to be used to create panic in a population apathetic to crime prevention.

Only one batch of Anthrax inoculations can resist the deadly new strain, and it was given to five military interrogators. One of them was Jay Ryan. When the other four disappear, Ryan is the last interrogator left with the antibodies to defeat the deadly Anthrax strain.

Racing against time and hunted by rogue soldiers, mad scientists and an organisation that operates beyond the law, Ryan digs deep into his past for a chance at a future.

In this heartstopping thriller, Jay Ryan wages a one-man war against enemies both known and unseen. There's only person he can trust - or can he? Winning the war may have devastating consequences for the last interrogator …




Jennifer Hillier said...

This sounds fabulous. Congratulations!

Joanna Gaudry said...

I can't wait to read it, Jj. The cover is gorgeous! Beautifully designed. Joanna :))

JJ Cooper said...

Thank you Jennifer and Joanna - much appreciated.



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