Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Five Quick Questions with JA Konrath

JA Konrath is the author of the popular LT Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels Mystery series. A prolific writer, his books have received great reviews from the likes of Lee Child, David Morrell and James Rollins (plus many more).

JA has kindly agreed to join us and answer five quick questions

What's one thing we may not know about JA Konrath?

My fifth Jack Daneils novel, Fuzzy Navel, will be out July 8, 2008.

Okay, maybe you do know that already, but it's worth repeating. So I will.

Fuzzy Navel, July 8, 2008. I'll give a free copy to anyone who tattoos that on their forehead.

As for truly unknown JA Konrath facts, I wrote a book called Afraid under a pseudonym, Jack Kilborn. It's coming out in Australia and the UK this year, as a trade paper and a hardcover respectively, and then next year as a paperback in the US.

Okay, maybe you already knew that too.

Did I mention when Fuzzy Navel is coming out soon?

What television show would you like to make a guest appearance on?

Good Eats, starring Alton Brown. I'm nuts for that show. I want to be the Lady of the Refrigerator.

What's your greatest sporting moment?

I swam across a lake on a bet. I was damn proud I didn't drown. Unless I actually did drown, and this is the afterlife, in which case, where are all the strippers?

What's your ideal holiday destination?

Someplace I can go bass fishing. I've been neglecting vacations lately due to my work schedule, which isn't fair to my family, but hey, eating is more important than lying in the sun. Hopefully someday soon we'll be able to schedule proper time for vacation. In the meantime, the family tries to go camping, once a month, in the living room, using the sofa cushions and a bedsheet to make a tent. It's great, except when it rains.

How many comments to this blog post would I need to have you read and comment on my first thriller, The Interrogator? Note: JA kindly offered for me to send him a copy of Interrogated for comment when it is ready to go out. He provided the following response as general tips.

I know how hard it is to find readers, whether you book is just finished, agented, or has been published for five years. Personally, I've got a giant to-be-read pile and won't be able to read anything new until we're off foreign oil. But here are some tips.

a) Join or start a writers' group, at your local library or bookstore. Every writer should do that.
b) Find an agent. I know, easier said than done. But getting a good agent is a sure sign that your writing is finally good enough, which is a question that plagues all of us.
c) Attend writing conventions, meet other authors, and offer to trade manuscripts. Quid pro quo works on all levels, from newbie to longtime pro.
d) Google is your friend. Look for places online where you can meet fellow writers to critique your prose. I'm partial to http://www.bksp.org/.
e) If you really really really want me to read your book, fly to Chicago and buy me a nice meal with a lot of beer. Yeah, that's expensive, but I'm worth every penny...

Thanks, JA. Please check JA's website for details of his latest release and some great writing tips.



stamperdad said...

Nice job on the interview. Enjoyed reading it.


LiteraryMinded said...

So are you going to fly to Chicago and buy him a nice meal and lots of beer?

Be good if you could get people to do that for you!

I enjoyed the interview :-)


Miss Lissy said...

I was particularly excited to see you interview JA Konrath. On top of that, it was a great read, as always.

Kelly - PTT said...

Very fun interview. And if you go to Chicago to buy him beer, drive a few hours north and I'll buy you one;)

Caroline Wilson said...


I'd tattoo Fuzzy Navel on my head, but then I won't be able to go to work. Hmmmmmmmmm. Where's the nearest tattoo parlor.

On another note, since this is part of a series, how long does it take you to write a novel?

Erika said...

Great interview. You know, JJ, you're going to force my "to be read when things calm down" stack to grow even higher. Those were great tips in #5 and hmm...thinking I may have to drive out to Chicago...I wonder if Mortons will be good enough. LOL


colbymarshall said...

"Find an agent. I know, easier said than done."

Haha :-) I'm trying! I'm trying!

All joking aside, enjoyed the interview.