Monday, 30 June 2008

International Thriller Writers - Debut Authors

International Thriller Writers (ITW) is a community of professional authors and associated members banded together in order to promote the thriller genre.

ITW's Mission is: “To bestow recognition and promote the thriller genre at an innovative and superior level for and through our Active Members; to provide opportunities for mentoring, education and collegiality among thriller authors and industry professionals; and to grant awards for excellence in the thriller genre.” ITW By-laws: Article II, Purposes, Section 2.

ITW provides an excellent program for debut authors who have their first thriller due for release by a ITW recognised publisher. I am fortunate to now be part of this program in the lead up the the release of my first thriller. The program provides access to great information and fellow authors. Information that we may not know about if we were to tread this new release path alone. I have only been with this group a short time and have learnt so much about publishing and have taken away many valuable tips and met many great authors.

I am looking forward to the next year or so as many of my fellow debut authors release their novels. We will share the same nervous anticipation and support through our network of fantastic thriller writers and readers.



Erika said...

Congratulations JJ...the ITW sounds like a great group to belong to. It's always nice when you don't have to navigate the waters alone and can learn from and share with others, and in turn, when you're no longer the "first-time author," impart your expertise. Way to go!

Regina Avalos said...

This sounds like a great group for writers in the Thriller genre.


JJ Cooper said...

Thanks Erika and Regina. They're a wonderful group of professional writers. They're very accomodating with my questions and queries. WIth so much to learn before publication, I feel I've landed in the perfect spot.

Thanks again for dropping by and commenting.


Malcom Reynolds said...

I love pretty much everybody in the ITW, especially JJ Cooper. Many a boring hour has been avoided with their books. There are few things as wonderful as a good thriller writer producing a good international thriller. Can't wait for his next one!