Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Five Quick Questions with Laura Benedict

ISABELLA MOON is the gripping debut novel by author Laura Benedict. The supernatural thriller was released in hardcover by Ballantine Books in September, 2007 (US). It has also been released in Australia and the UK. It will be followed by another thriller, CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS, in December 2008 (US).

Note: US cover pictured.

Laura has kindly agreed to join us and answer five quick questions.

What's one thing we may not know about Laura Benedict?

I like guns.

What television show would you like to make a guest appearance on?

Oh, this is so hard! I think I'd most like to be the celebrity guest judge on Project Runway, just like Sarah Jessica Parker was last season. I want to be incredibly nice to the contestants to make up for how snarky Nina is. But I think she's off the show now that she lost her gig at Elle Magazine. I kind of liked her though--she's the kind of bitchy I wish I could be. Michael Kors seems interesting, too. And I want to meet Seal. Maybe he hangs around and watches Heidi do the show. Unfortunately this all hinges on the celebrity part....

What's your greatest sporting moment?

I wrote about this years ago, but I suppose it's time to 'fess up again to a whole new listening audience. Way back in the 80's, my second-husband-to-be took me out to this place called Elephant Rocks not far from St. Louis in order to propose to me. (We had picked out the ring together, but I didn't know when I would get it. He was all about drama.) The rocks in the park are actually kind of egg-shaped, giving the place an other-wordly look. There's also a creek cutting through the middle of the park, a remnant, I assume of the water that cut those rocks a million years ago. When it came time to cross the creek, SHTB decided we should jump across instead of heading down to the bridge a couple hundred feet away. Now, I'm not a particularly athletic sort, but I'm no lump, either--So when SHTB leapt across like a freaking mountain goat, I knew I would have to follow nimbly behind. But the gap was pretty wide. And there were many teenagers hanging around that particular area. I was feeling awfully self-conscious. But there he was, holding his hand out, waiting for me. Surrounded by all those teenagers. (I was only 25 or so, but I felt very old) So I jumped. He caught my hand, but my foot didn't make it to the smooth-rock bank, and the front of my body slammed against the rock in a most undignified way and he had to haul me out of the water. There was much sniggering 'mongst the teenagers and I could tell he was very embarrassed as well. It was a long, cold drive home. It was an omen, of course. It was probably on that exact day that he also became my second-ex-husband-to-be.

What's your ideal holiday destination?

Anywhere I can get excellent Room Service.

How many comments to this blog post would I need to have you read and comment on my first thriller, The Interrogator?

Now here's a question designed to make me look like a Nina-league bitch (and I mean that in the nicest way possible!) if I don't say, like, two. Do you work for the government? Note: Not anymore, Laura. Well...maybe. JJ.

Thanks, Laura. Please check Laura's website and Blog for information on her latest release and her writing.



poetinahat said...

Well, JJ, you're now halfway to getting Laura to read your book. Heh.

Fun interview, mate - I look forward to more. Almost as much as I look forward to your book!

Tina said...

I adore the title and the cover to this book. And when she answered "ideal holiday location" it secured it;)
Great read JJ


Anonymous said...

How cool! I met Laura at ITW last year, enjoyed her book and the classy cover.

plaidearthworm said...

Love her response to the ideal holiday location--I'd have to add 'anywhere they have tiny umbrellas in the drinks.' Great interview!

Laurie Ashton said...

I loved her response to greatest sporting moment. Sounds so entirely like something I would do. :)

Erika said...

Ow! I'm in pain having read about that awful "sports" moment..and I agree with her about room service. Especially prompt room service.