Saturday, 5 July 2008

Five Quick Questions with Ed Lynskey

Ed Lynskey's first two books are mysteries featuring his P.I. Frank Johnson: THE DIRT-BROWN DERBY and THE BLUE CHEER. His latest release, a thriller titled PELHAM FELL HERE has recived great reviews form the likes of James Crumley, James Rollins, Kevin O'brien and Anne Frasier.

Ed has kindly agreed to join us and answer five quick questions.

What's one thing we may not know about Ed Lynskey?

Years ago I took a complete spin around the Indianapolis International Speedway. The guide told us where everybody had wiped out and gave us a card of proof at the end.

What television show would you like to make a guest appearance on?

Career-wise as an author, OPRAH, without a doubt would punch your ticket.

If using a time machine, the DICK CAVETT SHOW with Janis Joplin as a co-guest or the STEVE ALLEN SHOW with Lenny Bruce as a co-guest.

What's your greatest sporting moment?

I scored the only run in a Pony League game for our baseball team. I even made the box score even if they misspelled my name.

What's your ideal holiday destination?

Bermuda in August. Great food and greater views.

How many comments to this blog post would I need to have you read and comment on my first thriller, The Interrogator?

No blog comments are needed for me. I was already intrigued enough to read it. Best of luck with it and for having me aboard, sir!

Thanks, Ed. Please check this website for all of the details of Pelham Fell Here.


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Erika said...

JJ, your blog is not helping my book addiction. Okay, well maybe it's enabling it. LOL. That was a great interview...and on the guest appearances question, I'd have to completely agree.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, JJ, for having me aboard your blog. I'll be looking for your book, and good luck with it, too.

Ed Lynskey

Stuart. said...

Interesting thought on the time machine for interviews. For me it would have to be one of the English greats like Parkinson.

I am liking this black format on the blog JJ, I have just signed up for one myself. Now I just have to find some time to put some content on it.