Friday, 4 July 2008

The Value of Writing Related Websites

I don't keep it a secret that the time I have spent in the last year or so at the AbsoluteWrite website, has helped me get a fantastic publishing deal.

I have now discovered another wonderful writing site called The Writers Block. Another fantastic site for writers to gather in a forum and exchange ideas and encourage each other toward their writing goals. This forum caters for all genre and for those just starting out to published authors.

Sometimes writers can feel isolated in chasing their dreams. I never felt that way whilst writing Interrogated, because I had the support and encouragement from an online writing community.

Whatever your writing goal may be, do yourself a favour by joining an online writing community. You won't regret it.



Erika said...

It's so true about the isolation of writing and the need for forums to not only exchange ideas, but for that much-needed social contact from others who "get" us.

choppersmom said...

That's what we all love about our forums - the sense of community, and the comforting thought that we're not alone. Someone else has gone through every emotion we are feeling, and can help us to deal with it and get past our hurdles. Thanks for the mention, JJ, you're a peach!


choppersmom said...

LOL, that should say "Trish." I wonder how many other writers can't type their own name?? said...


I'm going to visit it. Thanks for posting.

How Publishing Really Works said...

JJ, I blogged about this today, but from the other side--warning about which writers' message boards to avoid. That sense of community is fabulous, but far too many writers' boards are full of people who don't know the first thing about writing or publishing--and so give out some truly dreadful advice.

This is not the case with Absolute Write, where dreadful advice is always exposed, and I bet it's not true for your latest find, either. I shall now go there, and see what it's like. Thanks for the link.


Laurie Ashton said...

Oh, no kidding we need contact with other writers. Writing is a solitary activity and if we don't have contact with others who understand us, the voices in our heads might just take over. :D