Sunday, 13 July 2008


I love writing dialogue. I think I could write a whole novel of dialogue. Sadly, I don't think readers want a complete story of dialogue alone. Anyway, thought I'd share some interchanges between characters in my WIP. Enjoy.

“I'm Detective Peterson and this is Detective Green.” The female looked up and nodded. “For legal purposes, this interview is being recorded by the two cameras you see in the room. They are being controlled by a Police Officer behind the mirror. Do you understand?

Jay nodded, knowing he needed to agree aloud for recording purposes.

“You will have to give a verbal response to all questions asked.”

“What if I don’t want to respond?”

“Well you’ll have to give a verbal response that you don’t want to respond.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Detective Peterson. By giving the verbal response, I am responding. So it defeats the purpose of not responding.”

The two Detectives looked at one another and Peterson looked at the mirror before staring back at Jay. “Just answer the questions you want to answer verbally, not just by nodding or shrugging. Okay?”

Jay felt like nodding, but didn’t want to push it - yet. “Yes.”

“Good. Now, for the record, could you state your full name and address?”

Jay did and added, “Would I be able to see your official identification, please?”

The Detectives looked at one another again before Peterson spoke. “We're in a Police Station and I have told you who we are.”

Jay shrugged. “You never know.”

They took out their badges and held them up quickly for Jay to see. He only wanted to know their first names – Stephen and Joanna.

“Satisfied?” Peterson asked. The red rising in his cheeks.

Detective Green looked at Jay. “Okay…Mr Ryan. Mind if I call you Jay?” Her voice was soft and inviting.

“Mind if I call you Jo?”


“What the hell are you playing at, Ryan?” Peterson almost burst out of his seat. “This is bullshit. You want to jerk us around? Stop with the smartass comments and just answer the questions.”



Caroline said...


If I'm correct, this is the sequel to Interrogated. Don't tease me too much. Let me read Interrogated first.

Now I'm dying to know what's going to happen in the second book. Father's Day isn't coming fast enough. Are you going to have advanced copies before then? If yes, let me know how I can get an "autographed" copy.

I'm proud of you!!!!

JJ Cooper said...

Hi Caroline,

What wonderful comments you leave providing support and encouragement. I thank you.

This is indeed the sequel to Interrogated (tentatively titled The Last Interrogator). Once those advance copies of Interrogated come out, an autogarphed one will be coming your way. Unfortunately, there is still a while to go yet, but well worth the wait.

I will keep you updated on how the editing is coming along.

Best wishes and thanks again Caroline for your wonderful support.


Laura said...

I love dialogue! Maybe you should write a play....

Leanne Cooper said...

If only JJ could write a PLAY!!! We have tried crossing this bridge Laura. His dear sister is an Actor and has a treasure trove of ideas for him.......maybe at Christmas I can sweet talk him lol


Karen C said...

JJ - great coincidence. We were listening to Peter Temple yesterday at the Crime & Justice festival and he was talking about the difference between realistic spoken dialogue and realistic written dialogue. But he said much the same thing - he loves writing dialogue.

Looking forward to this book I can tell you.

Anonymous said...

hey, JJ, just stopping by to check out your blog and wish you the best!

Razib said...

I love reading dialogue. That is perhaps why I like dramas a lot. Shakespeare was best in it. I love the dialogues in The Merhcant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Did you enter Nathan Bransford's Dialogue contest? You should have!

LiteraryMinded said...

I also love writing dialogue!

Play or screenplay forthcoming JJ?

JJ Cooper said...

Okay, I'm starting to get the hint about a play or screenplay. Maybe I can be involved in the film adaptation of my novels. LOL. I'll have to finish my contractual obligations on my novels before I can dedicate time for a play (which I would love to do).

Thanks for all of your comments. Much appreciated.


Leanne Cooper said...

Oh I am soooo going to do a number on you at have not heard the end of this mister!! to work on a portfolio hmmmmm

sis xx